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Environment Modeler

  1. Responsibilities

    • Creating landform models

    • Placing 3D objects and structures based on the design

    • Texturing objects and terrain in levels

    • Arranging the lighting and filters

  2. Qualifications

    • Sense of 3D spatial structure

    • Ability to understand the player's emotion when playing a game

    • Knowledge of natural landforms and city layouts

    • Excellent communication skills

    • Either a graduation certificate from university (graduate school), or 10 years work experience relating to art or graphic design.

      (Any period of time studying art or graphic design at school may be included under work experience.)

    • 3D graphics creating experience with any software is acceptable.
      (However, you will be required to use 3DS Max at work.)
    • Please check here for previous development examples:

      FromSoftware Web Site
  3. Type of Employment

    Regular employee (with a 3 month probationary period) or independent contractor.

    We will offer suggestions about the employment type after considering your skills and application.

  4. Work Location

    FromSoftware head office (Sasazuka, Shibuya-ku)

  5. Salary

    Regular employee

    220,000+ yen/month (fixed)

    (Determined based on experience and/or skills)

    [Bonus] Twice a year

    Independent contractor

    400,000+ yen/month (fixed)

    (Determined based on experience and/or skills)

    [Bonus] None

  6. Holidays

    Regular employee

    Weekends (Saturday and Sunday), national holidays, summer vacation, New Year's vacation, special leave for marriages and funerals, paid vacation

    Independent contractor

    Weekends (Saturday and Sunday), national holidays

    Other days off can be taken after consulting the appropriate staff

  7. Office Hours

    Flexible work hours around 8 hours from 10 am


Necessary Documents

Once you have submitted your entry form, we recommend that you provide a detailed resume and portfolio.

If you are able to prepare any such accompanying documents, please send them via E-mail, including the following information:



(Your name): (Your desired job category)

  • Subject line of the e-mail must be in this format.
  • Max file size: 10MB

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