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At FromSoftware, we have a very simple objective.

We want to make interesting games – or more accurately, games that contain something of value – games that offer something worthwhile. This is a goal that each and every one of us strives to commit to.

First and foremost, we are looking for those who are able to share this ideal of simplicity and sincerity.

Furthermore, making games is by and large a collaborative effort.

This means sharing a common goal among many people. It means working harmoniously and aspiring to that sense of value, while at the same time relating to the visions, ideas and accomplishments of others as a means of bettering oneself, thus enabling others to empathise with you in turn. This is the kind of person who we feel will flourish here; someone who can apply themselves diligently within that positive cycle of mutual encouragement.

Of course, it's not all going to be so straightforward. Game development in general is by no means a profession to be taken lightly.

Still, collaborating in earnest to make games that are worthwhile is extremely rewarding in itself.

We hope you will join us in making the games of our future – games that are the result of even greater collaboration, with even greater worth.

Selection Process

The form and any accompanying documentation must be written in either English or Japanese.


Open Positions


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